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Interview Bruce Broughton

34 verbale, Lingua: Inglese

Registrato da Tim Horemans sopra 2013-12-19

Bruce Broughton, one of the most versatile composers of today has written music in every medium, from film to television to video games and theatre. His first major film score, for the Lawrence Kasdan western Silverado, brought him an Oscar nomination. His very next project, a classically styled score for Barry Levinson's Young Sherlock Holmes, earned a Grammy nomination for the soundtrack album. With over 20 Emmy nominations, Broughton has received a record 10, most recently for HBO's Warm Springs. Recently he has created the soulful, moving song 'Alone Yet Not Alone' with lyrics by Dennis Spiegel for the independent 1700s-set drama of the same name. Based on the novel by Tracy Leininger Crave, Alone Yet Not Alone follows the capture of two sisters by Native Americans prior to the French Indian war.


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