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   Michael Wandmacher
Compleanno: 29/10/1967
Residenza: United States of America
Biografia: (updated 2010-08-05)

Born in Minnesota, Michael began his career working for an advertising company before moving to Los Angeles in 1998 to pursue feature film work. Since his move, Wandmacher has been making slow in-roads into the Hollywood composing system, having contributed music to a number of successful films, re-scoring Jackie Chan movies for the North American market, and providing the underscore for 'From Justin to Kelly', the popular spin-off movie from the American Idol pop music reality TV show. In addition to scoring for film and television, Wandmacher also records, produces and remixes under the name 'Khursoer', as whom he has enjoyed five top 10 charting singles in the US electronica chart. As a member of the advertising publishing house Primal Scream Music, Wandmacher specialized in music for advertising, having written for campaigns for Sony, Archipelago, Apple Computer, Diet Coke, Sony, Samuel Adams, Black & Decker, Miller Lite, NBA, Major League Baseball, and BMW. Michael has also written music for video games, including Singularity, Madagascar, Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa and Over The Hedge.

In 2005, Michael provided the musical score for the successful slasher film Cry Wolf, directed by Jeff Wadlow. By combining very unique electronic textures with some orchestral elements, Michael created a very effective score that catapulted him into the slasher genre. Following scores for The Killing Floor, Never Back Down and Punisher: War Zone, in 2009, Wandmacher would provide yet another powerful score for a slasher film, My Bloody Valentine 3D —a remake of the 1981 film. Recently, Michael finished writing the score for Piranha 3D, a remake of Joe Dante's 1978 film, scheduled to premiere on August 2010.

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