Jane Eyre
Expanded Original Motion Picture Score

Bootleg (888920089312)
Film | Date: 2011 | Sortie du film: 1970 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
2.Jane Eyre Suite8:54
3.Main Title2:57
4.Arrival At Lowood Institution0:59
5.Helen And Jane's Bedroom Talk1:01
6.Punishment For Disobeying Orders1:24
7.Festivities At Thornfield Manor2:11
8.Mason Is Stabbed - Carried To The Carriage3:02
9.Edward And Jane's Romance3:08
11.Jane Eyre Love Theme3:15
12.A Madwoman In The Attic - Edward's Story2:37
13.Coach Runaway And Across The Moors1:28
14.Rescued At Marsh's End Moor House1:10
15.The River's Family - Saint John's Theme3:57
16.Reunited At Ferndean Garden - Conclusion4:25
18.Love Theme Reprise3:17
19.Jane Plays The Piano A Little Bit2:27
20.Carriage Ride To Thornfield3:02
22.Return To Rochester - Reprise6:02
period pieces & source selections
23.Youth's The Season Made For Joys3:27
24.Londonderry Air3:42
26.On Wings Of Song1:43
27.Scarborough Fair2:05
28.Minute Waltz1:42
29.The Glory Of The Sun3:58
30.Youth's The Season For Joys3:47
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