The Young Cannibals

Records DK 26/09/2019 Téléchargement
Film Sortie du film: 2019


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# Track   Duration
1.The Young Cannibals (Main Theme)2:06
2.Checking Out1:10
3.A Monster1:30
4.Going for a Drive2:07
5.First Contact0:51
6.Sit With Me1:58
7.There's Something in the Woods1:58
8.Drag Me to Hell0:57
9.Hold My Hand2:01
10.It Eats You Alive2:23
11.Don't Breathe1:08
13.Out of the Woods2:08
14.The Basement1:25
15.Act of Survival1:41
16.Checking in (Credits)2:51
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