The Trials of Life

Shogun Music 03/10/2019 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Opening Titles: The Trials of Life1:07
2.Small Beginnings1:17
3.The March of the Lobsters5:08
4.Young Elephants1:57
5.The Pirates: Frigate Birds Attacking Tropic Birds2:55
6.Returning Home (Turtles)2:52
7.Tiger Shark Attacking Baby Albatross2:43
8.Finding Food2:21
9.Shrimps Courting (O Mistress Mine)2:32
10.From Pole to Pole: Migrating Terns1:59
11.Wildlife on One: Too Close for Comfort1:56
12.Arriving: Chick Hatching2:31
13.The Hunt (Prairie Dogs)2:10
14.Lights on the Water3:07
15.Army Ants5:13
16.Aerial Pas de Deux2:06
17.The Trials of Life End Credits2:06
18.George Fenton Talks About the Trials of Life7:32
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