Young Sherlock Holmes

Intrada Special Collection 16/07/2019 CD (720258542908)
Film Sortie du film: 1985


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# Track   Duration
1.The First Victim2:59
2.The Old Hat Trick1:46
3.Main Title2:01
4.Watson’s Arrival1:01
5.The Bear Riddle0:45
6.Library Love/Waxflatter’s First Flight2:55
7.Fencing With Rathe1:06
8.The Glass Soldier3:21
9.Solving The Crime4:55
10.Second Attempt1:10
11.Cold Revenge4:08
12.Waxflatter’s Death (Alternate)3:41
13.The Hat1:20
14.Holmes And Elizabeth-Love Theme1:57
15.Getting The Point6:32
# Track   Duration
1.Rame Tep3:06
2.Pastries And Crypts6:46
3.Discovered By Rathe4:50
4.To Cragwitch’s1:33
5.The Explanation1:49
6.Cragwitch Goes Again1:22
7.It’s You!6:18
8.Waxing Elizabeth3:37
9.Temple Fire3:23
10.Ehtar’s Escape (Revised Version)4:03
11.Duel And Final Farewell5:41
12.The Riddles Solved And End Credits2:57
13.Ytrairom Spelled Backwards0:46
# Track   Duration
The Extras
1.Main Title (Film Version)1:44
2.Waxflatter’s Death (Original)2:46
3.Belly Dancer1:01
4.Rame Tep (Orchestra)3:06
5.Rame Tep (Chorus)3:01
6.It’s You! (Alternate)6:16
7.Waxing Elizabeth (Orchestra)3:37
8.Ehtar’s Escape (Original Version)4:04
9.God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen-arr. Bruce Broughton1:06
Original 1985 MCA Soundtrack Album
10.Main Title2:00
11.Solving The Crime4:52
12.Library Love/Waxflatter’s First Flight2:25
13.Pastries & Crypts5:45
14.Waxing Elizabeth3:37
15.Holmes And Elizabeth-Love Theme1:56
16.Ehtar’s Escape4:01
17.The Final Duel3:52
18.Final Farewell1:55
19.The Riddles Solved/End Credits6:26
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