Blood & Truth

Black Screen Records 09/08/2019 Vinyle


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# Track   Duration
1.Blood and Truth 
2.London Streets 
3.Full Marks 
4.Too Many Crooks 
5.On Your Marks Get Set 
6.Casino Win Situation 
7.Silenced Assassin 
8.Two Armed Bandits 
9.Dishonour Among Thieves 
10.Estate of Play 
11.Deacon Blew a Fuse 
12.Green Eyed Mobster 
13.The Organ Ice Station 
14.F*#kin' Cover 
15.For Your Eyes Tony 
16.A Short 
17.Sharp Shock 
18.Foyer Destroyer 
19.Proper Chopper 
20.Apartment of the Problem 
21.Swimming with Marks 
23.Pedal to the Metal 
24.Bang Bang 
25.Ryan's Den 
26.Heavy Lifting 
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