My Brilliant Friend

Deutsche Grammophon 07/06/2019 CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Elena & Lila 
2.Spring 1 
5.Summer 2 
6.Your Reflection 
7.Infra 8 
8.The Days Go By 
9.In Spite Of All 
10.Brilliant Clouds 
11.Autumn 3 
12.Vladimir'S Blues 
13.Interior Dialogues 
14.In The Dark 
15.In Remembrance Of You 
16.Shimmering Clouds 
17.Love Songs 
18.She Was Running 
19.Kierling / Doubt 
20.Our Reflection 
21.''We Circle Through The Night, Consumed By Fire'' 
22.Space 11 (Invisible Pages Over) 
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