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The Joel Goldsmith Collection, Volume 1
Home For Christmas / One Good Turn

Dragon's Domain Records 03/03/2019 CD - 500 copies (712187486637)


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# Track   Duration
Home For Christmas
1.Nick Busts Santa Claus3:01
2.Heather Runs Away2:28
3.Lost Daughter1:33
4.Airport Escape2:06
5.Heather Sneaks Out1:19
6.Biker Bar Fight3:25
7.Good Night1:58
9.The F.B.I.2:16
10.Heather and Nick4:01
11.The Big Chase2:23
12.A Christmas Reunion3:08
13.Closing Theme1:02
One Good Turn
14.Main Title2:27
15.Street Encounter1:10
16.I Should Have Died2:09
17.Searching for Simon2:38
18.Simon’s Place2:09
19.Love Scene2:05
20.If I Had Saved the Girl0:53
21.Phone Call / Train Kill / Night Time4:56
22.What Records?1:36
23.Simnon’s Hacking1:50
24.Rooftop Encounter2:09
25.He May Be Working For You / Romantic Getaway1:07
26.Gentle Interlude0:51
27.Simon Shows Up1:25
28.Shaving Cut0:56
29.The Truth About Simon2:09
30.To The Rescue and Simon’s End8:03
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