Mystic India: An Incredible Journey of Inspiration

BAPS Care International 05/11/2005 CD (894400001008)


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# Track   Duration
1.Alone In the Himalayas 
2.Poetry In Stone 
3.Nowhere to Somewhere 
4.First Footprints 
5.Rising Resolution 
6.Night of 1792 
7.Inner Light 
8.Only One India 
9.Cosmic Connection 
10.Incredible India 
11.Lamps Afloat the Holy Ganges 
12.Birth to Rebirth 
13.Beyond Fear 
14.One Billion Faces 
15.Breeze of Reverence 
16.Aum In the Wilderness 
17.Eastern Indian Chants 
18.Soundscapes of Rathyatra 
19.Colorful Holi 
20.Expressions of Inner Joy 
21.Sunrise In Rameshwaram 
22.Southern Indian Chants 
23.South to West 
24.Dawn of 1799 
26.World Is One Family 
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