More Music From The Further

Void Recordings 17/08/2018 Vinyle (0881626516911)


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# Track   Duration
1.Further dreaming out of blackness 
3.dwarf apparition 
4.void figure 8 
5.void figure 4 
6.dead family materialization 
7.void figure 6 
8.the purity 
10.moments in void 
11.taped vision 
12.shadows are your home now 
13.not the house 
14.the kept in the Further 
15.seen through 
16.into the Further 2 
17.I'll show you 
18.the dark room 
19.ghost room 
20.broken through 
21.calling the dead 
22.visit the injured 
23.compelled awake 
24.long passings 
25.Further entry 
26.out while alive 
27.reaching Further 
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