Rumble 1
Music for Media

D'Art Records 17/06/2018 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Acoustic Guitar Groove1:55
2.Adrenaline Chase0:53
3.At the End of the Day (No Theme)2:47
4.Brush Dobro2:56
5.Cee Vibe2:52
7.Crash Idiot16:30
8.Desert Funk0:45
9.Do You Feel the Tension14:35
10.Dramatic Piano and VoicyPads2:13
11.Electro Waves1:52
12.Emo and Soapy Business1:33
13.Fast Dance Action7:02
14.Film in Action1:24
15.Golden Coach6:40
16.Good Reggae Vibe1:34
17.Heavy on the Stomach10:12
18.Heavy Twins1:16
19.Ice Drama One7:58
20.Ice for Drama8:21
21.Into Ice5:35
22.Jacques Cousteau Was Here4:36
23.Kaputten Rock0:53
24.Man in Green Suit2:09
25.Mellow Drone Flyer7:53
26.MP Thailand0:43
28.Not Without My Son1:09
29.Ostinate Bell1:08
30.Ostinate Guitars and Bell1:08
31.Ostinate Guitars1:08
32.Pastorale Total3:46
33.Piano Lief en Accordeon1:02
35.Pre Generique0:44
36.Presentation Drone5:02
37.Pulse DriveWay10:13
38.Red Rope New Day Dawning1:36
39.Red Rope Positive0:58
40.Red Rope Soapy1:33
41.Red Rope Strijkers en Hobo1:03
42.Relaxed Guitar Beat3:34
43.Relaxed Interview2:21
44.Rock Flyer6:36
45.Scattering Really9:21
47.Seven Jungles3:31
48.Sharp Swords No Whistle1:44
49.She Came Back (Version Without Piano)0:50
50.She Came Back0:50
51.Soft and Gritty9:04
52.Sparkling Flyer7:53
53.Strange Dunes (Really Slow Version)1:56
54.Strange Dunes2:28
55.Take the Train (No Percussion Version)2:26
56.Tatti Dap1:28
57.Tension Bass n Pads2:25
58.The News Show4:00
63.Ugly Brush Vibe2:57
64.Wagon Bells0:59
65.Wagon Funny with Bassoon0:56
66.What Do You Think (Short Version)1:08
67.What Do You Think1:47
68.Who Knew (Version Without Solo Guitar Sound)1:40
69.Who Knew1:40
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