Brave Story

Epic Records 05/07/2006 CD (4988010017460)
Film Sortie du film: 2006


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# Track   Duration
1.Mitsuru Theme0:15
2.Main Door0:48
3.Mitsuru Theme 20:35
4.Vision Door2:15
5.Chamber Of Four Guardians3:22
6.Bond Between Mother And Child2:11
7.To School0:31
8.Barbarrone Incantation0:48
9.Kee Keema1:27
10.Hare And Heather Part 11:21
11.Hare And Heather Part 22:46
12.Aerial Ballet0:50
14.Break Out Of Prison0:43
15.Demon Of Subterranean Lake1:53
16.To The City Of Ice2:33
17.True Intentions4:35
18.Sound Of Approaching War0:30
19.Highlander Battle1:16
20.Juno Waltz1:37
21.A Wish For Each Other1:58
22.Fire Dragons1:16
24.Mitsuru's Recollection1:26
25.Archibald McDonald Of Keppoch1:03
26.Demons Versus Dragons0:48
27.Cry Of The Heart1:32
28.Because He Is A Friend3:01
29.Sweet Whisper4:47
31.The Star Of County Down2:12
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