Repeating Patterns

Roaming Empire 11/05/2018 Téléchargement


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Repeating Pattern (Opening Credits)Heaven and Earth Association2:07
2.Repeater ZCarloss MacKee1:23
3.The Watcher (EAR-GSK version)Bonepoet4:55
4.Treason (Instrumental Reprise)(Sound of) The Skeptic3:24
5.SerenityBrad Stock's Lukatome3:13
6.No New Tale To Tell (Love and Rockets Cover)Mike Stapleton3:02
7.Weigelian Heretics MasterHeaven and Earth Association3:39
8.Memory GreenBonepoet3:31
9.Treasonous Behaviours(Sound of) The Skeptic2:07
10.Wonder (in a House of Leaves) (Explicit)Pretty Food3:47
11.Repeater XCarloss MacKee1:28
13.Cop Drama 76SAGG SYNDICATE3:24
14.Behind The Wall Of Sleep (Smithereens Cover)Mike Stapleton2:42
15.Corkboard Conspiracy MasterHeaven and Earth Association4:24
16.The Rainbow Has FallenMonster Jo1:50
17.Air Land or SeaBonepoet4:27
18.Lipt Liza MoonshineSagg Syndicate featuring Ms Wendy2:17
19.Rio (Live at Rockin Rio '86)Pretty Food5:04
20.BloodlettingSagg Syndicate featuring (Sound of) The Skeptic2:42
21.Repeating Pattern (End Credits Version)Heaven and Earth Association4:36
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