Poupi's Incredible Adventures, Pt. 2

Records DK 15/04/2018 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Intensive Puzzle Resolution1:33
2.I'm on a Boat !1:48
3.Paddle Boat0:54
4.Swimming With the Fish2:52
5.Treasure Finding1:20
6.People from the Sea's Song2:32
7.Night in a Seashell1:04
8.Travel to the Horizon1:36
9.Time Attack Against the Universe0:40
10.The Horizon1:05
11.People from the Sea's Music Box1:03
12.The Beach1:16
13.Princess Cheese Burger1:24
14.Land of Comestible People2:24
15.Chillin' Poupi0:40
16.Chocolate Valley2:02
17.Cave of Time2:45
18.Time Flute's Place1:26
19.Escaping Like Indiana Jones1:07
20.Sunset on the Beach1:20
21.Tea With Granma1:19
22.Quiet Saturday1:53
23.Universe Big Takedown1:04
24.Together We Are Stronger3:12
25.The Strawberry1:00
26.A Maze That Smells Fruits1:36
27.The Challenge3:20
28.The Zone0:48
29.First Dance1:20
30.Big Crumble1:33
31.This Is Happening0:32
32.The Moment of Truth3:06
33.Start Playing Whatever You Want With the Time Flute Until Something Happens0:38
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