Super Mario Odyssey

Imports 09/03/2018 CD (4560109085880)


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# Track   Duration
2.Opening: Above Peach's Castle 
3.Meeting with Cappy 
5.Top-Hat Tower 
6.Confront the Broodals 
7.Broodals Battle 
8.The Adventure Begins 
9.Fossil Falls 
11.Capture: T-Rex 
12.Madame Broode Battle 
13.Mario, Travel the World: The Odyssey's First Takeoff 
14.Scenario Introduction 1 
15.Tostarena: Ruins 
16.Inside the Inverted Pyramid 
17.Tostarena: Night 
18.Riding a Jaxi 
19.Knucklotec Battle 
20.Tostarena: Town 
22.Steam Gardens 
23.Steam Gardens: Sherm 
24.Torkdrift Battle 
25.Lake Lamode: Underwater Passage 
26.Lake Lamode 
27.Lake Lamode: Ground Theme 
28.Found Bowser's Airship! 
29.Bowser Appears 
30.Bowser Battle 1: Nimbus Arena Showdown 
31.Bowser's Bombardment: The Odyssey Crashes 
# Track   Duration
1.Cappy Was Kidnapped! 
2.Forgotten Isle 
3.Scenario Introduction 2 
4.New Donk City: Night 1 
5.New Donk City: Night 2 ~ City Hall 
6.Mechawiggler Battle 
8.New Donk City 
9.Band Performance (Super Mario Bros.: Ground Theme) 
10.Taking a Breath by the Poolside 
11.Underground Power Plant 
12.Jump Up, Super Star!-NDC Festival Edition 
13.The Traditional Festival Ends! 
14.Shiveria: Town 
15.Ice Cave 
16.Snowline Circuit 
17.Bound Bowl Grand Prix 
18.Race Results 
20.Bubbalaine: Underwater 
21.Mollusque-Lanceur Battle 
22.Scenario Introduction 3 
23.Mount Volbono 
24.Peronza Plaza 
25.Cookatiel Battle 
26.Ruined Dragon Appears 
27.Ruined Dragon Battle 
28.Bowser's Castle 
29.Bowser's Castle: Main Courtyard 
30.Bowser Takes Off to the Moon 
31.RoboBrood Battle 
# Track   Duration
1.To the Next Kingdom 
2.The Odyssey: To the Moon 
3.Honeylune Ridge 
4.Underground Moon Caverns 
5.Wedding Hall 
7.Bowser Battle 2: Final Battle 
8.Princess Peach Rescued...? 
9.Capture: Bowser! 
10.Honeylune Ridge: Collapse 
11.Break Free (Lead the Way) 
12.Staff Credits 
13.Peach's Castle Grounds 
14.Peach's Castle 
15.Crazy Cap 
16.Spinning Slots 
17.RC Car Challenge 
18.Koopa Trace-Walking 
19.Run, Jump, Throw! 1 
20.Run, Jump, Throw! 2 
22.Another World 
23.Above the Clouds 
24.Jump Up, Super Star! (Music Box Version) 
25.Lullaby of the End (Fossil Falls Music Box Version) 
26.Jump Up, Super Star! 
27.Jump Up, Super Star!-Odyssey, Ya See 
28.Break Free (Lead the Way)-Japanese Version 
29.Jump Up, Super Star-Karaoke 
30.Jump Up, Super Star! Odyssey, Ya See-Karaoke 
31.Break Free (Lead the Way)-Karaoke 
# Track   Duration
1.Fossil Falls-8-Bit Version 
2.Tostarena Ruins-8-Bit Version 
3.Inside the Inverted Pyramid-8-Bit Version 
4.Tostarena: Night-8-Bit Version 
5.Steam Gardens-8-Bit Version 
6.Lake Lamode-8-Bit Version 
7.Forgotten Isle-8-Bit Version 
8.Run, Jump, Throw! 2-8-Bit Version 
9.Underground Power Plant-8-Bit Version 
10.Bubbalaine-8-Bit Version 
11.Mollusque-Lanceur Battle-8-Bit Version 
12.Mount Volbono-8-Bit Version 
13.Bowser's Castle-8-Bit Version 
14.Honeylune Ridge-8-Bit Version 
15.Honeylune Ridge: Collapse-8-Bit Version 
16.Break Free (Lead the Way)-8-Bit Version 
17.Jump Up, Super Star!-NDC Festival Editon-8-Bit Version 
18.Projection Room: Above Ground 
19.Projection Room: Underground 
20.YOU GOT A MOON! 2-8-Bit Version 
21.Dancing With New Friends 
22.A Relaxing Dance 
23.Rolling Canyon 
24.Bowser's Castle: Main Courtyard Intro 
25.Capture: Frog! 
26.The Odyssey: Activation 
27.The Odyssey: Power Up! 
28.Sparkle Water Released 
29.Moon Rock Released 
30.New Clothing! 
31.It's the Broodals! 
32.Madame Broode Appears 
33.Klepto Appears 
34.Mollusque-Lanceur: Rage 
35.Cookatiel Appearance 
36.Regarding the Location 
37.Final Lap! 
39.Too Bad... 
41.Tune of Tostarena 
42.Melancholy Bubblaine 
43.The Silver World of Shiveria 
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