Cut Shoot Kill

Schizophonic Music 08/08/2017 Téléchargement
Film Sortie du film: 2017


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# Track   Duration
1.Ready for Our Feature (The Collective Theme)1:05
2.1 of 17 Slasher Shorts (By Alabama Chapman)2:36
3."Serena Brooks? You're Late"3:11
4.Big Black Bus0:27
5.Cast Meet Crew0:39
6."Lines Mean Nothing" / Make up Guys1:18
7.Window Shot1:16
8.Chloe & Francis (& Jars of Fingers)4:55
9.Shipman on Set0:22
10.Basement / "Can We Cut?"2:33
12.About Nicole / Head Mold3:13
13.Night Shoot / Peeper1:37
14.Candace in the Car (? in the Trunk)4:51
15.He Hit His Mark0:47
16.Soundie Short4:01
17."It Was Never About the Victim"1:42
18.The Collective (Day as Night)1:06
19.Cutting Room4:03
20.Cutter / Kitchen4:04
21."Run! Lights! (Knock Stab) Cut!"7:25
22.Morning After / Director Calls3:28
23."We Need One More Scene" / Back in the Big Black Bus1:22
24."Sound Speeds!" (Last Scene)2:36
25.My Secret Admirer (Bonus Track)3:14
26.The Collector (Bonus Track)1:31
27.About Nicole / Head Mold / Night Shoot (Survivor Mix) (Bonus Track)4:03
28.Slasher Short (Metal Mix) (Bonus Track)2:33
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