Game Of Thrones
Newbury Comics exclusive picture disc

Varèse Sarabande 07/04/2016 Vinyle - 1000 copies (030206709735)
Varèse Sarabande 07/04/2016 Vinyle - 1000 copies (0849781050701)


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# Track   Duration
Side One
1.Main Title1:46
2.North Of The Wall3:48
3.Goodbye Brother3:07
4.The Kingsroad2:06
5.The King's Arrival3:34
6.Love In The Eyes4:00
# Track   Duration
Side Two
1.A Raven From King's Landing1:16
2.The Wall1:59
3.Things I Do For Love1:52
4.A Golden Crown1:38
5.Winter Is Coming2:42
6.A Bird Without Feathers2:02
7.Await The King's Justice2:00
8.You'll Be Queen One Day1:36
9.The Assassin's Dagger1:19
# Track   Duration
Side Three
1.To Vaes Dothrak1:29
2.Jon's Honor2:35
3.Black Of Hair1:40
4.You Win Or You Die1:57
5.Small Pack Of Wolves1:57
6.Game Of Thrones1:18
7.Kill Them All2:35
8.The Pointy End3:16
# Track   Duration
Side Four
1.Victory Does Not Make Us Conquerors1:35
2.When The Sun Rises In The West2:40
3.King Of The North1:28
4.The Night's Watch1:44
5.Fire And Blood4:30
7.Main Title Season Two Bonus Track1:46
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