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Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitzu?: 2

Varèse Sarabande 05/08/2016 Téléchargement


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# Track   Duration
1.Day Jobs1:05
2.Forging The Megaweapon1:48
3.Captain Soto & The Pirates2:00
4.Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo2:22
5.Kids Again / Evil Twins1:54
6.Ninjaball Run2:27
8.March Of The Stone Army2:02
10.The Tinkerer's Tale3:04
11.Unchaining The Leviathan2:57
12.Temple Of Light4:23
13.Horns Of Destruction3:40
15.Fall Of The Green Ninja2:43
16.Storming The Tower3:48
17.The Final Battle3:04
18.Always A Need For A Ninja2:50
19.Ninjago Theme Mashup3:18
20.Digital Booklet: Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitzu?: 20:00
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