Paranormal Captivity

Film | Date de sortie: 16/12/2014 | Type: Téléchargement


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Main Title (Paranormal Captivity)1:52
2.Sara Remembering1:55
3.Let's Get Out of Here0:59
4.Moving In with Uncle Steven2:18
5.Death Is a Part of Life2:19
6.The Ghost and the Doll1:15
7.Google William0:39
8.Sara Faints0:11
9.You Stupid Girl0:56
10.You Need to Lighten Up0:22
11.Get Out of Here1:24
12.I Was Hoping It Was Him1:06
13.Kelly Gets Killed3:37
14.Breaking and Entering2:09
15.Where Is That Cat?1:39
16.Hospital Entrance0:09
17.Thomas Meets the Funeral Director2:15
18.Doll MovingDavid Grego0:05
19.Killing Uncle Steven0:32
20.Drugging Sara0:35
21.New EVP2:30
22.William Gets Killed4:10
23.I Killed Him5:58
24.Entering the House0:30
25.Final Goodbye1:27
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