Virgin Records France (0724358401226)
Film | Date: 2003 | Sortie du film: 2002 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
2.Whoever You Want Him To Be1:30
3.To The Convention1:39
4.Seeing Lucy0:43
5.Bar Source4:26
6.Tell Your Father To Fuck Himself1:09
7.On The Roof2:44
8.Taking The Pills0:41
9.Morgan Places A Call1:46
11.Elevator / Pills0:39
12.Jack Has A New Wife3:16
13.Jack Examines His Briefcase1:40
14.Are You Ready To Be A Spy ?1:30
15.Jack Tries To Hire Rooks1:50
16.First Subways Assignment0:51
17.In The Bedroom2:17
18.Finster Explains The Plan1:38
19.To The Lab2:22
20.Are You A Double Agent ?1:14
21.Escape Part 11:28
22.Escape Part 21:16
23.To Rooks'1:56
24.Rooks' Place / Realization1:16
25.Company Arrives / Escape4:47
26.Together Again3:24
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