Richard Band: Up and Down
Film and Television Music

Film Série TV/Film de TV | Date: 2000 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
2.Hyperion Bay (A lush and romantic piece for the TV series)1:15
Dawson's Creek
3.Small Town America1:04
4.Dawson's Innocence0:30
5.Montage & Dawson's Memories1:33
Warner Brothers Presentation
6.Lush Romantic Montage1:07
7.Rodeo-ish Piece1:42
8.Hyperion Bay (A lush and romantic piece for the TV series)1:46
9.A Small Boy In Scotland3:02
10.Escape From Dragonworld Park4:03
11.Bittersweet End1:33
13.His Friend Dies0:59
15.End Title2:05
Walker - Texas Ranger
16.Act-In And Current Story1:38
17.Warrior's Suite Part 13:03
18.Warrior's Suite Part 20:32
19.WalkWarrior's Suite Part 22:45
Stargate SG-1
20.The Little Girl / Singularity1:51
21.Left To Die2:42
22.Happy End2:44
23.The Goa'ould Pursue The Team4:09
Robo Warriors
25.The Battle5:05
26.The Aftermath1:15
27.The Finale1:25
Music from the CD-ROM game based on the feature film
29.The Lost City2:37
30.Traveling Montage1:15
31.7th Heaven (Four promotional cues for the 98/99 series)2:13
Three cues for the 1998 modern day Mod Squad attempt
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
33.Original Launch And Premiere1:05
34.Angel Romance1:00
35.Buffy / MCI Commercial0:31
36.Buffy Action0:28
37.Buffy Lost0:30
38.Gregorian-ish Cue0:31
39.200 Years Of Evil1:26
Castle Freak
40.Main Title (String Quartet)2:22
41.Suspense To Horror Cue2:38
# Track   Duration
The title sequence that launches the WB's daily cartoon show
1.WB Hoopla Main Title (1998)1:04
In the Doghouse
2.Main Title1:40
3.Chasing The Dog3:12
4.Sensitive Themes0:51
5.Benny And Dad0:36
6.The Pool Men1:10
7.Fooling Mom1:07
8.Mayhem And Finale4:17
9.Cartoon Bumper #10:17
Paul Bunyan
10.Baby Bunyan1:35
11.Paul And His Ox1:58
12.Onto The New Land And Finale2:07
13.Two Cartoon Bumpers0:27
The Three Little Pigs
14.They Meet The Wolf1:16
15.The Wolf Blows1:28
16.Escape And Ending1:28
17.Cartoon Bumper #20:11
18.Ooga Booga Man0:59
19.Jazzy Dude0:59
20.Arriving On Clay Island0:50
21.Cartoon Bumper #30:12
22.Main Title2:42
23.Traveling Sequence1:47
24.Cartoon Bumper #40:11
25.Head Of The Family: Main Title2:18
26.Cartoon Bumper #50:12
28.Cartoon Bumper #60:13
29.Main Title2:19
30.Flying The Planes1:49
31.Cartoon Bumper #70:12
32.Shrunken Heads3:48
33.Cartoon Bumper #80:12
34.Dungeon Master2:15
35.Cartoon Bumper #90:19
36.Dungeon Master1:43
37.Two Cartoon Bumpers0:21
38.7th Heaven (Two Christmas cues for the 97/98 series)1:02
39.Cartoon Bumper #100:11
40.7th Heaven (Another promotional cue for the '98 series)0:31
41.Two Cartoon Bumpers0:21
42.7th Heaven (Two more promotional cues for the 98/99 series)1:03
43.Cartoon Bumper #110:13
44.Buffy The Vampire Slayer (More promotional cues for the 97/98 series)0:31
45.WB Hoopla Main Title (1997)1:02
46.WB Hoopla Main Title (1999)1:06
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