Castle in the Sky

Film | Date de sortie: 02/10/2002 | Sortie du film: 1986 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Prologue ~ Flaptors Attack2:52
2.The Girl Who Fell From The Sky (Main Theme)2:34
3.The Levitation Crystal1:20
4.Morning In The Mining Village1:07
5.Pazu's Fanfare1:10
6.The Legend Of Laputa3:06
7.A Street Brawl3:16
8.The Chase2:54
9.Floating With The Crystal0:52
10.Memories Of Gondoa1:24
11.Stones Glowing In The Darkness3:22
12.Disheartened Pazu4:58
13.Robot Soldiers ~ Resurrection - Rescue ~2:46
14.Dola And The Pirates2:11
15.Confessions In The Moonlight2:42
16.The Dragon's Nest3:31
17.The Lost Paradise1:57
18.The Forgotten Robot Soldier4:39
19.The Invasion Of Goliath3:21
20.Pazu Fights Back3:23
21.The Final Showdown2:26
22.The Destruction Of Laputa (Choral Version)2:08
23.The Eternal Tree Of Life2:46
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