Dawn of the Dead

Film | Date: 2004 | Sortie du film: 2004 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
2.Vivian Attacks2:26
3.Louis Blasts Through The Bathroom Door1:10
4.Anna's Escape1:45
5.We're Going To The Mall2:39
6.Scoping Out Metropolis0:59
7.Michael Investigates0:45
8.Zombie Spike2:52
9.We Need To Suture That Arm0:50
10.Don't Give Him That Gun!0:53
11.America Always Sorts Its Shit Out1:32
12.Ben Cozine1:21
13.Maybe They're Coming For Us1:38
14.How Do You Think Your God Will Judge You?1:01
15.I Hope You Got A Good Plan2:06
16.Truck Over Zombies1:36
17.Blood Bath City1:59
18.Bloated She Rises0:32
19.It's Only A Matter Of Time4:58
21.That Dog's Just Fucked Up1:28
22.Luda's Transformation2:05
23.You Wanna Kill My Family?4:20
24.The Hangman's SongNan Vernon1:15
25.We Need To Do Something... Now!3:59
26.I'm Not A Plumber3:52
27.Subterrainian Sewer Attack2:44
28.Sailing The Sea Of Zombies1:57
29.Chainsaw To The Breast Bone3:43
30.Fuckin' Figures1:38
31.Enjoy The Sunshine2:12
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