The Borrowers

Mojo Records (0601215312522)
Film | Date: 1997 | Sortie du film: 1997 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Opening Titles1:30
2.Pete Helps Out2:12
3.Ocious P. Potter2:35
4.Pod's Heroics2:10
5.Killer Hoover0:53
6.Arriety's Sadness2:52
7.A Plan is Hatched2:22
8.The Policeman Arrives1:30
9.Pod Saves Peagreen2:00
10.Borrower's Galore2:00
11.Stealing The Will3:00
13.The Borrower's Revenge3:25
14.Dairy Montage1:00
15.Arriety is Seen and Caught1:15
16.Life or Death for Peagreen4:18
17.Pete to the Rescue4:25
18.Potter's Entrance1:40
19.Potter's Angry Now1:35
20.Under the Floorboards1:53
21.Jeff the Exterminator1:24
22.Home & Dry/End Titles6:16
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