Nine Hours To Rama / The Lion

Bootleg (0099552024428)
Film | Date: 2001 | Type: CD
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# Track   Duration
Nine Hours To Rama (1963)
1.Original Main Title3:11
2.Train Coming into Delhi - The Astrologer Predicts1:36
3.Das Warns Gandhi1:38
4.Natu's Father Dies2:38
5.Parade Ground2:09
6.Natu and Prahlad/Natu Meets Rani3:05
7.Wedding Dance2:51
8.Rani's Theme3:26
9.Natu Tells Rani of his Oath2:13
10.Indian Concert4:09
11.Malabar Hill (Rani's Theme)/Swiss Hotel (Natu and Rani)7:15
12.Assassination of Gandhi/Natu's Realisation/Mourning Gandhi5:11
13.Nehru's Speech/End Titles1:39
14.Closing Music3:11
The Lion (1962)
15.Opening Title Music3:45
16.Love Theme4:08
17.Drum Dance5:47
18.Tina at Night6:25
19.King Dance of Happiness5:44
20.Tina's Theme/Reconciliation/End Title6:25
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