Catastrophe 1999
The Prophecies of Nostradamus - Nosutoradamusu no Daiyogen

Film | Date: 1996 | Sortie du film: 1974 | Type: CD


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# Track   Duration
1.Toho Logo ~ 5 Years Of Fortune1:16
2.7 Years Of Fortune: Visit Of the Black Ship0:31
3.Poetic Prediction Of Defeat1:11
4.Main Title3:25
5.Bar Lesson Background Music0:20
6.Environmental Pollution0:28
7.'Down The Centuries'1:23
8.Conference ~ Red Tide’s Raid2:27
9.On The Moonlit Shore1:13
10.United Couple1:21
11.Kita’s Wailing1:24
12.Modern Ballet Background Music ~ Bright Illusion1:03
13.Underground Event ~ Sudden Mutation1:01
14.Nishiyama’s Warning1:08
15.Abnormal Weather1:16
16.New Guinea Expedition3:13
17.Giant Animals Raid1:36
19.Mad Demon1:24
20.Living Dead Cavern1:02
21.Hell On Earth ~ Burial1:20
22.Omen Of The End3:56
23.From Mother To Daughter2:30
24.Beneath The Cherry Tree In Full Bloom / Car Radio Background Music1:02
25.Death Of Young People5:08
27.Death Of A Loving Thing2:11
29.Eternal Life2:37
30.Terror Of Radioactivity1:05
31.Final Nuclear War1:29
32.Silenced World1:17
33.Prayer To The Future: Ending2:32
Bonus Tracks / Alternative Takes
34.Bar Lesson Background Music (Alternative Take)0:21
36.Death Of Young People5:07
37.Death Of A Loving Thing2:10
38.Eternal Life2:38
39.Love Theme2:25
Toho Records Singles
40.Main Theme3:35
41.Love Theme2:21
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Catastrophe 1999 (1974)

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