Alien Nation
Music from the original television scores

GNP Crescendo (0052824802421)
GNP Crescendo (0090204970131)
Film | Date: 1990 | Type: CD, Téléchargement, Cassette


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# Track   Duration
1.Prologue And Main Title1:43
2.Generation To Generation (Generation To Generation)0:40
3.Return To Tencton (Generation To Generation)3:54
4.One Hot Heinrick (Generation To Generation)0:52
5.Tenctonolian Mode Groove (Contact)1:39
6.Astronomical Discovery (Contact)1:14
7.Talling A Wimp (Contact)0:43
8.Howdy Pod (Partners)4:03
9.Alien Animal Activists (The Red Room)1:31
10.A New Beginning (Contact)2:28
11.In Your Life (Crossing The Line)2:25
12.Confrontation (Three To Tango)0:53
13.The Monastery Three (Three To Tango)1:05
14.George Entertains (Three To Tango)1:12
15.The Ceremony (Three To Tango)1:39
16.Touch Heads (Three To Tango)1:25
17.Presents (Real Men)1:32
18.George Warms Up (Gimme,Gimme)3:08
19.Resolution (Little Lost Lamb)1:07
20.Slag Pop (Little Lost Lamb)0:55
21.Spaced Out Lover (Chains Of Love)1:37
22.Sneak Attack (Real Men)1:05
23.Jenny's Story (Chains Of Love)1:32
24.Sensuallty (Three To Tango)0:53
25.Cathy's Story (The Night Of Screams)2:35
26.The Alley (Fifteen With Wanda)1:12
27.Memory Of An Old Game (Rebirth)2:16
28.George Get It (Take Over)0:47
29.Susan: Assassin (Take Over)2:27
30.Proud Fathers (Real Men)2:20
31.Prologue An Main Title (Reprise)1:43
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