Never Say Never Again

Silva Screen Records (0738572101725)
Film | Date: 1993 | Type: CD


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Bond Back In Action0:52
2.Main Title - Never Say Never AgainLani Hall3:15
3.Prologue - Enter 0070:30
4.Fatima Blush/A Very Bad Lady3:51
5.Dinner With 0071:12
6.Bahama Island2:52
7.Bond Smells A Rat/Nurse Blush1:31
8.Plunder Of A Nuclear Missile1:59
9.The Big Band Death Of Jack Petachi1:47
10.Bond And Domino2:08
11.Fight To The Death With The Tiger Sharks4:54
12.Une Chanson D'AmourSophie Della4:28
13.Video Duel/Victory1:55
14.Nuclear Nightmare1:10
15.Tango To The Death2:28
16.Bond Returns Home0:29
17.The Death Of Nicole/Chase Her1:25
18.Felix And James Exit0:41
20.Largo's Waltz1:30
21.Bond To The Rescue4:47
22.The Big Escape1:23
23.Tears Of Allah2:26
24.The Underwater Cave4:41
25.Fight To The Death2:21
26.Bond In Retirement/End Title - Never Say Never AgainLani Hall4:52
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