La-La Land Records (826924122327)
Film | Date de sortie: 23/10/2012 | Type: CD
Edition limitée: 2000 copies


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# Track Artiste/Compositeur Duration
1.Time Will Tell (Full Version)Susan Anton2:11
2.The Story Begins / Scortch 3000 Years Later / Fairy Hookers / Peace Goes Forth / Peace in the Valley of Montagar7:03
3.War Against Peace / Weehawk Disturbs the Peace / The Bubble Bursts2:45
4.Jukebox Junky Blues1:26
5.Blackwolf Finds the Record / War & Frog / We Can't Lose1:37
6.Moving Out1:54
7.Battle & Peewhittle's Death2:05
8.Now Begins Our Final Battle / Avatar Equestrian/ On the Road to Scortch1:27
9.Fairy Attack1:43
10.Fairy Drums / Jungle Drums / Gargoyle Once a Day1:42
11.Snow Drift / Snow Time / Assassins in the Snow2:22
12.Tanks Again & Betrayal / Peace Isn't, Elinore Doesn't1:20
13.To All Our Ships / Larry Gets Weehawk0:52
14.The Elves Are Coming1:30
15.Gathering of the Heavies / The Charge of the Heavy Brigade / The Battle Picks Up Tempo / The Punchup / The Elves Lose6:36
16.Weehawk Finds Elinore / Elinore's OK / Blackwolf Bites It / Final History / Bye3:29
17.Time Will Tell (Film Version)Susan Anton2:00
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