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(Digital) Music From The Television Series

BSX Records 15/03/2022 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Pasadena Main Titles0:44
2.Pilot-Welcome to Pasadena1:31
3.Pilot-Meet The Greeleys1:14
4.Pilot-Lily's Discovery1:32
5.The Rat-Phillip Parker's Suicide1:49
6.The Rat-Party Time1:34
7.The Rat-The Choice3:33
8.The Rat-Good Girl0:47
9.The Rat-Family Secrets2:15
10.Henry's Secret-Lily Following a Lead2:11
11.Henry's Secret-Lily following a Lead and Bar Interlude1:38
12.Hostile Environment-Surprise Date4:03
13.Hostile Environment-Retirement Party1:14
14.Hostile Environment-Nate's Confession0:36
15.Hostile Environment-Arrival2:36
16.Hostile Environment-Piano Interlude1:27
17.Hostile Environment-Henry's Vexation1:05
18.Puppy Love-Catherine's Behavior1:14
19.Puppy Love-Will's Success1:28
20.The Body-Henry on the Move1:05
21.The Body-Nate's Search for the Body1:29
22.The Body-The Yard1:36
23.A River In Egypt-Suspicions are Aroused1:52
24.A River In Egypt-Psychologist's Son1:45
25.A River In Egypt-Robert's New Girlfriend1:40
26.A River In Egypt-Catherine's Scheme2:21
27.The Truth Hurts-Lily Relaxes1:23
28.The Truth Hurts-Henry's Return1:56
29.A Lie Worth Fighting For-Henry's Story5:50
30.A Lie Worth Fighting For-Robert and Catherine's Plot1:53
31.Don't It Always Seem to Go?-Lily Tries to Get a Confession2:38
32.Don't It Always Seem to Go?-Departing Pasadena4:51
33.Pasadena End Credit0:36
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