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Placebo Love - Vol.2

Lannie Merlandese Neely III 25/09/2021 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Can't Bear to Breathe2:43
2.Swallowing Frogs2:16
3.Open the Door, Please2:56
4.Cheddary Magazines3:14
5.Cara de Pau3:05
6.Um Pássaro na Mão2:51
7.Socio-synchronous Satellite4:00
9.Knows How You Feel4:05
10.The Three of Cups4:06
11.Open Source Relationship4:03
12.Two Things Equally3:36
13.We Live in a Time of Gods3:13
14.Bonds Unbreakable0:57
15.Faerie Tale Theatrics2:05
17.Capsamyn-Make Happy, Grow Egg!5:02
18.Capsamyn-Too Sleepy!1:06
19.Capsamyn-Pancake Time!0:49
20.Capsamyn-Time to Grow!0:11
21.Capsamyn Medley3:54
22.A City Exhausted2:16
23.A Town Exhausted2:32
24.Toil and Trouble2:54
26.The Autumnal Equinox6:00
27.Beleza (From3:48
28.Placebo Loveline (Karaoke Version)3:33
29.Equinox in Castanet1:45
30.Equinox in Belltree1:45
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