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The Matrix
(Sacd) - The Complete Edition

Varèse Sarabande Club 17/07/2021 SACD - 1000 copias (888072214132)
Película Estreno de película: 1999


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# Pista   Duración
1.Logo / The Matrix Main Title0:55
2.Trinity Infinity6:00
3.Neo Con Brio0:32
4.Follow The White Rabbit0:15
5.Neo On The Edge3:24
6.Through The Surveillance Monitor0:59
7.Unable To Speak1:14
8.Bait And Switch3:16
9.Switched For Life3:36
10.Switched At Birth2:43
11.Switches Brew2:27
12.Cold Hearted Switch1:40
13.Nascent Nauseous Neo4:00
14.A Morpheus Moment1:39
15.Bow Whisk Orchestra1:23
16.Domo Showdown1:13
17.Switch Or Break Show1:05
18.Shake, Borrow, Switch0:39
19.Switch Works Her Boa0:56
20.Bring Me Dinner0:39
21.The System0:37
22.Freeze Face1:52
23.Switch Woks Her Boar2:07
24.Cypher Cybernetic0:59
25.Ignorance Is Bliss / Cyber Cyphernetic1:51
26.See Who?0:26
# Pista   Duración
1.Switch Out3:01
2.Boon Spoy1:08
3.Oracle Cookies1:30
4.Threat Mix6:05
5.Exit Mr. Hat2:57
6.On Your Knees, Switch4:43
7.Mix The Art2:10
8.Whoa, Switch Brokers4:01
9.The Cure1:35
10.It’s The Smell1:57
11.The Lobby0:27
12.No More Spoons1:02
13.Dodge This1:08
14.Fast Learning0:44
15.Ontological Shock4:16
16.That’s Gotta Hurt5:17
18.He’s The One Alright6:56
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