The Dark Crystal

Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2003 | Estreno de película: 1982 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 5000 copias


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# Pista   Duración
1.The Dark Crystal Overture3:10
2.The Power Ceremony3:53
3.The Storm1:02
4.The Mystic Master Dies0:51
5.The Funeral / Jen's Journey5:26
6.The Skeksis' Funeral2:41
7.The Pod Dance3:13
8.Love Theme3:16
9.Gelfling Song2:19
10.The Gelfling Ruins2:44
11.The Landstrider Journey0:43
12.The Great Conjuction4:14
# Pista   Duración
1.Opening Titles And Main Theme / Mystics' Sandpainting4:54
2.Jen Plays His Pipes0:56
3.Jen Goes To His Dying Master0:39
4.The Death Of The Emperor / Death Of The Mystic Master / Mystic Memorial Ceremony / Jen's Journey Through The New World3:18
5.Skeksis Debate Leadership / Skeksis Duel (Film Version)3:10
6.Chamberlain Is Attacked1:20
7.Skeksis Summoned By Alarm0:50
8.Garthim Are Dispatched / Jen On Aughra's Mountain2:29
9.Jen Enters Aughra's Observatory1:21
10.Jen Discovers Shard0:22
11.Observatory Destroyed / Mystics Set Out2:28
12.Gelflings Meet / Dreamfast2:11
13.Skeksis Feast-Part One2:27
14.Skeksis Feast-Part Two0:30
15.Batbirds Dispatched / Environmental Musical Sounds / Gelfling Song / Batbird Brought Down / Mystics Travelling #12:25
16.Pod Party / Destruction Of Pod Village4:10
17.Jen And Kira Love Theme1:36
18.The Prophecy In The Ruins2:09
19.Escape From The Chamberlain / Kira Summons The Landstriders1:47
20.Jen And Kira Set Off On Landstriders / Pod Person Drained2:39
21.The Battle / Mystics Travelling #24:20
22.Jen And Kira In The Sewer1:43
23.Kira Brought Before The Skeksis0:57
24.Kira Drained In The Chamber Of Life1:12
25.Kira Free / Jen Goes In Search / Mystic Disintegrates / Mystics Travelling #31:08
26.Jen Trapped In Lair / Jen Reaches Chamber Of Life0:28
27.Jen Discovers Crystal Chamber3:40
28.Gelfling Frightens The Skeksis / The Crystal Made Whole / Mystics And Skeksis Fuse / Finale / End Credits16:10
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