War of the Worlds / When Worlds Collide
The Naked Jungle / Conquest of Space

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# Pista   Duración
War Of The Worlds
1.Main Title1:11
2.The Thing/It’s Moving3:12
3.Heat Ray Dispenser/Get the Military1:45
4.Attempted Communication3:09
5.The Scanning Eye2:41
7.End Title1:03
When Worlds Collide
8.Main Title/Foreword2:35
9.The Black Box1:11
11.Bellus, Zyra and the D.A.1:59
12.U.N. Headquarters/Nasty Headlines1:11
13.Project Recruiting/Project Indoctrination4:28
14.Martial Law/Evacuation Montage1:34
15.Securing the Rocket0:51
16.A Savage Outburst/Save the Ship2:54
17.A Revengeful Night/Bellus Approaches/Doomsday Drawing2:32
18.Calendar Montage2:52
19.Tony’s Generosity2:56
20.Ecstasy and Despair0:58
21.Zero Hour1:35
22.The Take Off1:52
23.The Flight2:23
24.The New World3:49
The Extras (When Worlds Collide)
25.10AA Unknown0:22
26.High on the List1:58
27.Café Fox Trot1:14
28.Main Title1:16
The Extras (War Of The Worlds)
29.Main Title1:13
30.Prologue and Main Title1:45
31.Heat Ray Dispenser Sound Effect2:58
# Pista   Duración
The Naked Jungle
1.Prelude/Main Title1:27
2.Opening Sequence/A Lonely Arrival5:02
3.Leiningen’s Arrival/First Meeting2:28
4.Bitter Words2:24
5.Survey of the Plantation2:42
6.Silhouetted Temptation1:27
7.Drunken Developments/The Hanging3:51
9.Almost Enticed2:20
10.Army on the March/Escape Destroyed/Magnified Enemy2:34
11.Drums #21:49
12.Explosion Montage2:35
13.The Fight Begins2:05
15.I Love You2:07
16.Flooded and End Title3:07
Conquest Of Space
17.Main Title/The Firmament2:30
19.Meteors/Transport Rocket2:40
20.Orders to Mars2:47
21.Off to Mars1:31
24.Last Rites1:24
26.Mars and Madness3:42
27.Life and Death1:53
29.The Elements/Earthquake3:46
The Extras (Conquest Of Space)
31.Space Muzak2:37
32.Main Title1:08
The Extras (The Naked Jungle)
33.Prelude in E Minor (Chopin)1:01
34.Ant Noise1:07
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Conquest of Space (1955)

The Naked Jungle (1954)

The War of the Worlds (1953)

When Worlds Collide (1951)
World premiere 2-CD release of original soundtracks to four sci-fi/fantasy movies from legendary producer George Pal. Leith Stevens music from WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953) anchors, offering imposing main title, several evocatice sequences. All surviving cues presented in crisp mono from original elements stored in Paramount vaults. Also getting attention is complete 41-minute Leith Stevens score for WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE (1951), presented from Paramount mono masters with choral overlays intact. Colorful sci-fi expedition music abounds! Taking center stage next is exciting, frightening 40-minute Daniele Amfitheatrof soundtrack for THE NAKED JUNGLE (1954), mastered from dynamic three-channel stereo scoring session elements, amongst first ever made at Paramount! Score offers both richly expressive love theme, exciting action material with advanced harmonic vernacular. Getting spotlight is ferocious presto motif for massive army of ants marching inexorably towards Charlton Heston's South America plantation. Terrific descending idea for brass, woodwinds is chilling, even by today's standards! Rounding out impressive collection is 35-minute Nathan Van Cleave score for CONQUEST OF SPACE (1955). Music here is both exciting, stirring, presented in mono from from original Paramount master elements. Four scores represent some of the most evocative sci-fi & fantasy works of the fifties! Full color artwork and stills plus authoritative notes from Jeff Bond round out generous set.




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