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Walt Disney Records (0946351036922)
Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2006 | Medio: CD, Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Main Title1:46
2.Look Out For Mister Stork2:17
3.Loading The Train/Casey Junior/Stork On A Cloud/Straight From Heaven/Mother And Baby...4:58
4.Song Of The Roustabouts2:39
5.Circus Parade1:28
6.Bathtime/Hide And Seek1:33
7.Ain't That The Funniest Thing/Berserk/Dumbo Shunned/A Mouse!/Dumbo And Timothy/Dumbo The Great3:23
8.The Pyramid Of Pachyderms2:00
9.No Longer An Elephant/Dumbo's Saddness/A Visit In The Night/Baby Mine3:35
10.Clown Song1:00
11.Hiccups/Firewater/Bubbles/Did You See That?/Pink Elephants On Parade6:08
12.Up A Tree/The Fall/Timothy's Theory1:32
13.When I See An Elephant Fly1:48
14.You Oughta Be Ashamed1:11
15.The Flight Test/When I See An Elephant Fly (Reprise)0:56
16.Save My Child/The Threshold Of Success1:11
17.Dumbo's Triumph/Making History/Finale (When I see an Elephant fly)1:03
18.Spread Your Wings (Demo Recording)2:17
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