Super Rad Raygun: Raymastered and Raymixed

Materia Collective 06/12/2019 Descarga


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Gdańsk Gdańsk Revolution1:53
2.Hard Spill to Swallow2:23
3.Tainted Lava2:04
4.Straight Outta Capetown2:02
5.Bhopal Muzik2:21
6.Space Race 198X2:03
7.Do You Believe in Mir-acles?2:07
8.Flight for Your Right1:57
9.Managua Keep Groovin'2:05
10.National Radthem Revised2:02
11.Y's Science0:43
13.Managua Keep Groovin' (Pixel Mix)AnalogStik2:26
14.Everybody Wants to Rule Grenada2:16
15.Space Race 198X (Happy Mix)2:03
16.Nort Legacy (Hard Spill to Swallow)3:16
17.Escape the Confines of the Machine (Straight Outta Capetown)5:12
18.Stupor (Gdańsk Gdańsk Revolution)2:39
19.Vindaloo Vengeance (Bhopal Muzik)Ronin Op F2:34
20.Cooled Down (Tainted Lava)2:38
21.Rás sa SpásIan Martyn3:16
22.Y's Science UnpluggedMichael Hoffmann2:21
23.Flight for Your Right (HD Remaster)Free The Green Beans2:00
24.Managua Keep Groovin' (Origins Remix)2:01
25.Gdańsk Gdańsk Revolution (Origins Remix)1:40
26.Bhopal Muzik (Demo Mix)2:00
27.Thank You0:52
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