StarDog and TurboCat

HethFen Records 06/12/2019 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Buddy On The Launch Pad5:39
2.I'm in... Space!1:25
3.Chase The Car!0:16
4.Peck at the Pound1:09
5.TurboCat and The CatMobile2:04
6.Buddy's Rejected0:27
7.Pack Lunch0:30
8.Humans Can Be Good0:30
9.Buddy Walks1:10
11.StarDog Runs Super Fast!1:48
12.Megastore Mayhem; Meeting Alex4:27
13.Anything Purple is High Class0:40
14.Security Guard Chase0:46
15.Cassidy's History Lesson0:33
16.Todd's Robot Legs0:19
17.If We All Work Together0:31
18.Mission Improbable 11:10
19.Mission Improbable 22:13
21.Heart to Heart2:12
22.Stardog is Super Strong!3:08
23.Peck Wakes Up0:33
24.Waiting for David0:36
25.It Really Was Rather... Super0:40
26.Maybe Magic Is Real After All1:41
27.Space Capsule Stolen!0:35
28.Chasing The Capsule1:52
29.Peck's Won1:06
30.Victor and Todd are... Evil?!3:01
31.Sinclair to the Rescue2:05
32.You're Not Just a Dog, Buddy1:52
33.SuperHeroes of Glenview2:23
34.I'm a Tactical Operations Goldfish!1:20
35.Let's Play Catch!0:37
36.Todd and Guardian1:59
37.Cornered In The Junk Room0:37
38.Our Heroes Doomed?0:57
39.Little Dot of Light0:30
40.You Don't Have To Do this To Impress Me!1:55
41.Oh Wow I Can Fly0:28
42.These Animals Are Heroes; Reunited with David2:05
43.Star Exhibit; ComicBook SuperHeroes2:53
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