Tower of Time

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# Pista   Duración
1.A New Day Rises1:51
2.Shadows in the Darkness3:22
3.The End Days1:29
4.Challenge Awaits2:09
5.Proteus' Dark Tidings1:51
6.The End of the Road3:46
7.Tower Avatar Story2:51
8.Tales of the Past3:29
9.The Dark and the Light3:38
10.Exotic Matter2:52
11.The Broken Land1:38
12.The Long Descent1:48
13.Always Victorious3:23
14.A Candle in the Darkness3:30
16.Defy the Fury4:09
17.Enemy Revealed2:43
18.Five Minutes of Sunlight1:51
19.The Last Stand3:52
20.The City of Broken Stones3:15
21.Reclaiming the Forgotten1:52
22.Into the Tower1:49
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