The  Bedbug / Love and Hate

Naxos 08/11/2019 CD (0747313410071)


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# Pista   Duración
Klop (The Bedbug), Op. 19
1.Part I: March 
2.Part I: Foxtrot (arr. M. Fitz Gerald for orchestra) 
3.Part I: Galop (arr. M. Fitz Gerald for orchestra) 
4.Part I: Waltz No. 1 (arr. M. Fitz Gerald for orchestra) 
5.Part I: Intermezzo 
6.Part I: Wedding Scene 
7.Part I: Fire 
8.Part I: Fire Signals 1: 2: 3:4 
9.Part I: Firemen's Choir 
10.Part II: Scene in the Public Garden 
11.Part II: March of the Pioneers 
12.Part II: Flourish 
13.Part II: March of the City Elders 
14.Part II: Waltz No. 2 
15.Part II: Closing March 
Lyubov' i nenavist' (Love and Hate), Op. 38 (arr. M. Fitz-Gerald for orchestra)
17.Distribution of Arms 
19.How Long Will My Heart Ache and Moan (mezzo soprano, wordless female chorus) 
21.Soldiers' March 
22.March: Scherzando 
23.How Long Will My Heart Ache and Moan (female chorus) 
24.78 rpm Record: Waltz 
26.Morning March 
27.Drunken Soldier 
28.Domestic Mayhem 
29.A Team of Women 
30.Soldier's Murder 
31.Women Go Down the Mine 
32.Death in the Mines 
33.The Funeral 
34.Dramatic Chords 
35.Passing the Time 
36.Greeting the Red Army Men 
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