Black Screen Records 02/08/2019 Vinyl (4059251102342)


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# Pista   Duración
1.For All Mankind (Opening Cinematic) 
2.Restoration (Start Menu) 
3.Umbra, Mercenary Blues 
4.Coronation Day 
5.Past As Prologue Ft. Emily Ridgway 
6.The Great Betrayal 
7.Remember Me 
8.March on Axylus 
9.The Argo 
10.I Didn't Know 
11.Follow the Money 
12.Wolf at the Door 
13.Mech Bay Cantata 
14.Meat Is Cheap 
15.For the Reach 
16.The Vast Expanse 
17.A Welcome Respite 
18.First Strike 
20.Vox Nihili 
21.Who Will Watch the Watchers 
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