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Marathon Media International 17/04/2012 Descarga


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.The Aristocats (From "The Aristocats")Toontunes3:20
2.I Wanna Be Like You (From "The Jungle Book")Toontunes4:26
3.The Siamese Cat Song (From "Lady & The Tramp")Toontunes3:14
4.A Whole New World (From "Aladdin")Toontunes3:33
5.The Colours Of The Wind (From "Pocahontas")Toontunes2:20
6.Someday (From "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame")Toontunes4:07
7.Somewhere Out There (From "An American Tail")Toontunes2:34
8.You've Got A Friend In Me (From "Toy Story")Toontunes4:10
9.Under The Sea (From "The Little Mermaid")Toontunes4:14
10.Beauty And The Beast (From "Beauty & The Beast")Toontunes4:10
11.Never Had A Friend Like Me (From "Aladdin")Toontunes3:56
12.Can You Feel The Love Tonight (From "The Lion King")Toontunes2:36
13.Bright Eyes (From "Watership Down")Toontunes3:08
14.The Pink Panther Theme (From "The Pink Panther" Cartoons)Toontunes3:58
15.Circle Of Life (From "The Lion King")Toontunes2:32
16.I Just Can't Wait To Be King (From "The Lion King")Toontunes4:02
17.Be Our Guest (From "Beauty & The Beast")Toontunes3:18
18.Just Around The Riverbend (From "Pocahontas")Toontunes2:32
19.I Believe I Can Fly (from "Space Jam")Toontunes4:52
20.Shake A Tail Feather (From "Chicken Little")Toontunes3:52
21.Livin' La Vida Loca (From "Shrek 2")Toontunes3:50
22.Two Worlds (From "Tarzan")Toontunes2:27
23.When You Believe (From "The Prince Of Egypt")Toontunes5:21
24.Baby Can I Hold You (From Hercules")Toontunes3:01
25.If We Hold On Together (From "The Land Before Time")Toontunes3:59
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