TRUNK 21/06/2019 Vinyl (0666017331614)


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# Pista   Duración
1.11: Episode One-Intro Music And Dialogue 
2.A2: From-Music 
3.A3: From-Visiting Friends 
4.A4: G2: Clangers Running Up And Down. How Can They Rescue Tiny Clanger 
5.A5: From-Fishing 
6.A6: From-Treasure 
7.A7: Miscellaneous Clangers Movements 
8.A8: From-Goods 
9.A9: An End Title 
10.A10: Ting Clanger's Radio Hat 
11.A11: Oliver's Special Effects 
# Pista   Duración
1.B1: From-The Rock Collector 
2.B2: From-Glowhoney 
3.B3: From-Teapot 
4.B4: From-Cloud 
5.B5: From-The Seed 
6.B6: From-The Bags 
7.B7: From-Blow Fruit 
8.B8: From-The Pipe Organ 
9.B9: From-Music Of The Spheres 
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