Classical Piano for Film

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# Pista   Duración
1.The Avengers (From "The Avengers")2:15
2.The Force Theme1:05
3.Halo Reach: Epilogue0:49
4.Across the Stars (From "Star Wars, Episode II") (Love Theme)3:17
5.Crazy in Love (Instrumental)3:49
6.Ghosts and Glass (From "Halo Reach")2:37
7.Light of the Seven (From "Game of Thrones")9:11
8.Beauty and the Beast (From "Beauty and the Beast")3:14
9.Main Theme (From "Star Trek")1:59
10.Can You Stand the Rain (Instrumental)4:51
11.The Music Box3:26
12.Rains of Castamere (From "Game of Thrones")1:24
13.Dark Woods (Instrumental)3:26
14.Anakin's Theme (From "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace")2:38
15.Star Wars Theme (From "Star Wars")1:11
16.Earned It (Instrumental)4:14
17.Alessa's Theme (From "Silent Hill")1:56
18.Game of Thrones Theme1:47
19.Caprica Theme (From "Caprica")0:56
20.Havana (Instrumental)3:06
21.Anakin's Betrayal (From "Star Wars, Revenge of The Sith")4:05
22.Heathens (Instrumental)3:23
23.Unforgotten (From "Halo 2")3:03
24.If I Have Nothing (Instrumental)4:15
25.How Far I'll Go (From "Moana")2:22
26.Get Lifted (Instrumental)2:46
27.Just The Way You Are (Instrumental)3:24
28.Imperial Suite (From "Star Wars, Rogue One")2:35
29.Wonder Woman Theme (From "Wonder Woman")3:28
30.Men Are Still Good (From "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice")2:15
31.Hello (Instrumental)5:38
32.Let Me Love You (Instrumental)3:51
33.Cyborg Theme1:47
34.Ned Stark Epilogue0:33
35.Beautiful Lie (From "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice")2:45
36.Tender Love (Instrumental)4:19
37.Sounds of Sahara2:24
39.All Of The Lights4:01
40.Imperial March (From "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back")2:31
41.Princess Leia's Theme (From "Star Wars, A New Hope")4:17
42.Prophecy of Kings4:02
43.House Bolton4:01
44.Flash Theme (From "The Flash")3:25
45.Lord of the Ocean (Aquaman's Theme)1:20
46.Arrow Theme (From "Arrow")2:06
47.Supergirl Theme (From "Supergirl")2:38
48.Blow Me Away (From "Halo 2")3:17
49.Let It Go (From "Frozen")3:13
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