The House with a clock in its walls

La-La Land Records 25/01/2019 CD - 1500 copias (826924149225)
Película Estreno de película: 2018


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# Pista   Duración
1.New Zebedee4:05
2.A Lot of Clocks1:35
3.Quite Different Around Here1:41
4.Poker Face1:03
5.Mother Visits1:50
6.Cuckoo Clock Scare1:25
7.Jonathan With Ax1:32
8.A Boy Witch3:10
9.Studying Magic1:32
10.Isaac’s Album1:24
11.First Spell0:31
12.Backyard Magic1:47
13.Bevy of Swans1:43
14.Getting Ready for School1:00
15.My House Is Magic0:50
16.Secret Entrance1:55
17.Tarby Opens the Book2:05
18.The Omega0:27
19.Mother Returns1:16
20.Lewis Dares Tarby0:42
21.Sneaking to Graveyard1:05
22.Raising Isaac2:39
23.Messy Room0:45
24.Horse Shoes1:07
25.Dead Family in Windows0:38
27.Tarby Beats Lewis0:43
28.Books Attack1:28
29.Injured House1:11
30.Lewis Confesses1:51
31.My Beautiful Wife4:23
32.Bedroom Escape1:33
33.Lewis in Cage4:09
34.Automatons Attack0:51
35.Pumpkins Attack1:58
36.Lewis Finds the Clock1:33
37.Smashing Pumpkins1:20
38.Gassing Automatons1:19
39.Into the Boiler0:48
40.Isaac Starts the Clock5:15
41.Back to Normal1:48
42.Insect Book1:24
43.The Mighty Wurlitzer5:17
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Otras versiones de The House with a Clock in its Walls (2018):

House with a Clock in its Walls, The (2018)
House with a Clock in its Walls, The (2019)

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