The Prodigy

Sony Classical 08/02/2019 Descarga
Sony Classical 08/02/2019 CD (0190759145029)


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# Pista   Duración
1.Journey of Trust2:10
2.Took My Hand2:04
3.He Couldn’t Wait1:25
4.Rebirth Passage1:48
5.The Prodigy4:01
6.Glass Fragments0:38
7.One Eye Blue1:31
8.Conscious Violence1:02
9.A Soul Returns3:39
10.Dreamt Intruder2:36
11.Where Flies Are Drawn4:40
12.Second Soul Speaks3:17
13.Clawed Messages0:47
14.Surface Normal1:23
15.Induced Accident4:34
16.Loaded Moment2:10
17.Blue or Hazel1:04
18.Old Soul Cast1:31
19.Hands Are Calling2:21
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