Down a Dark Hall

Quartet Records 15/10/2018 CD (8436560843429)
Película Estreno de película: 2017


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.This Way2:05
2.Kit & JulesVíctor Reyes and Rodrigo Cortés1:06
3.Welcome to Blackwood / This is Where You’ll be Sleeping1:52
4.In Your Old Lives1:18
5.I Think it’s a Work of Art1:45
6.I Believe She’s Learned Her Lesson0:25
7.The Tenderness is Gone1:21
8.Excelent Work, Sierra1:01
9.What Was That?0:54
10.I’m Surprised it Took this Long0:50
11.EtudeVíctor Reyes and Rodrigo Cortés1:31
12.Winter / We Are Their Guides, Not Their Teachers1:14
13.Bats! / To Them!2:04
14.You Don’t Sound Like Yourself1:23
15.Who’s T. C.?2:34
16.I Think I Know Where To Start1:44
17.Make It Stop! / It’s Gone Too Far This Time2:38
18.Everyone Is Here For YouVíctor Reyes and Rodrigo Cortés4:29
19.Following Dad3:58
21.This Is The Beginning3:36
22.Étude-RepriseVíctor Reyes and Rodrigo Cortés2:07
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