Let's Go In to a Picture Show
Silent Cinema Recordings 1907-1922

Harbinger 21/09/2018 CD (632433340325)


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# Pista   Duración
1.Chimmie and Maggie In Nickel Land (1907)2:20
2.Let's Go Into A Picture Show (1909)2:17
3.Dream Of A Rarebit Fiend (1907)2:12
4.At The Ten-Cent Movie Show (1913)2:59
5.Movie Rag (1913)3:10
6.That's A Real Moving Picture From Life (1914)3:09
7.He's Working In The Movies Now (1914)3:55
8.The Girl On The Film Valse (c.1913)5:41
9.If That's Your Idea Of A Wonderful Time (1914)2:19
10.Poor Pauline (1914)2:34
11.Zudora (1915)3:22
12.The Perfect Song (1915)2:54
13.Those Charlie Chaplin Feet (1915)2:46
14.Since Mother Goes To Movie Shows (1916)3:19
15.His Cute Movie Picture Machine (1916)3:26
16.They All To The Charlie Chaplin Walk (1916)3:15
17.The Peace Patrol (1916)1:39
18.Come Out Of The Kitchen, Mary Ann (1916)2:51
19.My Picture Girl (c.1917)3:10
20.Cartoon In Tunes (Father Was Right) (1918)3:08
21.Mickey (1918)3:25
22.Dear Old Daddy Long Legs (1919)2:44
23.Take Your Girlie To The Movies (1919)3:07
24.The Red Lantern (1919)2:54
25.At The Moving Picture Ball (1920)3:05
26.The Sheik Of Araby (1922)3:06
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