Max & Me

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Película Estreno de película: 2017


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.I AmMark McKenzie;Joshua Bell1:14
2.Two Crowns Vision1:21
3.Head in the Clouds Over You2:14
4.You Could be Anything2:43
5.In the Trenches2:28
6.If You are so Intelligent Why Don't You Believe?5:20
7.Ask and It Will be Given to You1:23
8.When I'm Saying Me I Mean You0:50
9.Dare to Dream Bigger1:50
10.A Mother's PrayerMark McKenzie;Joshua Bell3:08
11.Dapper Duds1:49
12.Sunset Hug1:49
13.I'm Sorry3:00
14.Nazi Brutality3:15
15.Prayer for Peace3:38
16.Auschwitz Cries2:55
17.Only Love is Creative2:35
18.I Love YouMark McKenzie;Joshua Bell3:58
19.Triumph Over Fear3:18
20.He Was Always with Me1:49
21.I Believe in You4:11
22.Heaven's Welcome2:27
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Max & Me (2017)

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