The Sentimental Bloke

ABC Classics 1998 CD (0028945668420)


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# Pista   Duración
1.Introduction-At the Markets2:30
2.Spadgers Lane, A Few Days Later2:20
3.Ginger Mick3:07
4.Bill Enters3:01
5.Mr Smithers (The Stror' At Coot)4:09
6.Bill and Doreen 'intrajuiced' At Last3:18
7.They Make A Date2:23
8.Bill In Ecstasy1:07
9.Sunday Arvo5:20
10.Doreen's Promise4:13
11.Rose and Ginger Mick's Stouch1:02
12.At the Ballet2:53
13.The Stror' At Coot4:20
14.Bill Is Heartbroken1:21
15.The Melbourne Cup4:31
16.Bill And Doreen Meet Again1:38
17.Still in Love!2:14
18.Bill's Lucky Day2:10
19.The Stror' At Coot's Revenge1:23
20.Bill Meets 'Mar'4:26
21.Doreen Is Heartbroken1:24
22.The Two-up Game3:51
23.Bill And Doreen Reunited1:38
24.Final-They Get Hitched!5:10
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